Vampire Diaries: Season 4 Episode 19- Pictures of You



Sorry this one is so long guys. I had a lot to say about this episode!

The beginning of each episode is always such an odd thing to me. They don’t always start the same, but there seems to be a continuous theme that goes through each. Someone is dreaming, there’s a flashback, a couple is driving in the middle of the night and they stop to help someone in the middle of the street and someone attacks them… It’s a thing in this show apparently. And this episode was no different. Bonnie had a dream that she was visiting Jeremy’s grave and she’s crying and talking to him (and of course it makes me tear up too-they were so cute together), and suddenly Jeremy is there and telling her to wake up (because of course dream Jeremy knows that real Bonnie is in danger and her house is on fire). That’s one of the weirder openings to me. Usually if someone is telling someone to wake up in a dream, someone is also telling them to wake up in reals life. It’s kind of a rule of thumb. But for some reason that didn’t apply in this episode. Were Bonnie’s witchy powers kicking in? Or was Jeremy (who was probably in purgatory) trying to talk to her now that the triangle is complete and whatnot? And who set her house on fire in the first place? I guess it could have been herself, setting it on fire, but I’m unsure about that. And she keeps seeing Jeremy. Everywhere. At the dance and everything. It makes me so sad whenever she sees him. They were more than just a good couple. They were like best friends and so nice to each other and it’s really heart breaking. They need to stop bringing him back because I’m so sad. I mean, sure it’s Silas, but still. Bonnie thought it was so real. Silas is really a jerk. To appear as Jeremy, who everyone really misses and is hurting about right now? Ugh. I can’t even. Just UGH. Really low. Then Elena tries to kill her and so Bonnie tries to kill Elena? I’m so done with this episode.

Now, who is doubting the whole “Stefan is going to save Elena and her humanity and then ditch down and his brother and his love” thing? Stefan loves Elena and doesn’t want Damon with her and how is that possibly going to go down? Another brotherly love thing: I’m not really a huge fan of the Klaus/Elisha story line. It’s list kind of boring. I guess it might be pertinent. It’s just boring.

And does Rebekah REALLY want to be a human with a family and whatnot? I mean, as far as we know, YES, she does. But she is a pretty good liar. I want her to be telling the truth, because it’s an interesting twist, something I never really expected from her. And no one else wants to be human, so it works out well. I don’t know. It’s so hard to tell. I’m proud of Elisha to take Rebekah’s side however. Sure, he wants her to prove herself, but that makes sense. If she hates living like a human, why would she want to for the rest of her life? Matt doesn’t think she would make a good human. And he makes an excellent point. Rebekah isn’t all that good. She’s kind of a bad guy. But I think she wants to be good, and she just has a hard time with it. And I feel bad for her because of that! I don’t know if I should, but I do. Matt’s like the nicest person in the world. Even if he hates her, she wants him to like her BECAUSE he’s the nicest person in the world. He even danced with her even though he didn’t want to. And then of course she is faced with the option to either not use her vampire powers to save someone and get the cute from Elisha, or use them and, as Matt says, “be good.” Of course, Silas poses as Rebekah and gets the cure before the real Rebekah can because Elisha gives it away. The whole with with Silas posing as everybody makes me think of Elena and Katherine and the whole Doppelgänger situation. Except now, EVERYONE has a potential doppelgänger and that makes everything more confusing. Because you have to doubt that anyone is really themselves, because theoretically, anyone could be Silas. Er, Silas could be anyone. And of course Katherine has to make her little appearance.

Now the prom aspect: Is this the first dance not a decade dance? Huh. Caroline’s dress was gorgeous. Let me get that out of the way. Holy crap! Why can’t we have any good places to shop for prom dresses where I live? Literally, we have nowhere. And she picked it out months before? That’s not fair. I want to go back to prom to pick out a prom dress months before. I’ve already picked out my wedding dress months before me wedding, so I have no more opportunities for that. And Elena decided to be a terrible person and steal Caroline’s dress. Classic emotionless Elena. So many backstabbing people. Adorable that both Stefan AND Damon decided to accompany her. And bought her a corsage. Of course she hates it. An aspect of this show that I never really thought about until this episode because it was pointed out to me: Damon really is quite a bit older than Elena, and not just because he’s an old vampire. Like, he’s probably in his mid to late 20s in the show, but they seem so good together that I never thought about it. I’m really angry at what she said to Matt and Bonnie. I know her emotions are off but they’re her friends. Come on. Even emotionless Elena should be nicer to them. The song played at Prom that Elena and Stefan danced to, and Bonnie and “Jeremy” danced to, seemed very fitting. She’s the once who needs saving guys! Elena! She needs saving! She wants to kill Bonnie!! But I’m so glad that Matt and Bonnie won prom king and queen. Even though Bonnie is a witch, I still feel like she is living a more normal life than everyone else. They deserved it.

One of my favorite parts about this episode: Caroline goes to Klaus and sees him brooding and says “I’m sorry you’re having personal issues, but I have real crisis on my hands.” I expected something big, like another death or something, but instead: “Elena stole my prom dress!” I had to try so hard to keep from cracking up in the middle of the library where I’m watching this. And I love Klaus’s face when Caroline told him to stop laughing. You could tell he was having a difficult time and kind of felt bad. Another thing: did Caroline seriously go to him for help AGAIN?? Why always him? I want them together but she claims to hate him an then she goes to him anyways? They’re my otp. I canNOT believe that she thought he would provide her with a dress. And yet he did. After everything, he was nice to her and gave her a dress. And that dress is even better than the first. Wowza. Of course it fit perfectly. And it really is gorgeous. I changed my mind everyone. Who needs a red prom dress when you can have the one Klaus managed to muster up. Even though Elena stole her dress, and she was PISSED (who wouldn’t be), she still stole the show. Her hair looks awesome too. And the thing with Stefan where she said something like “maybe one day you’ll just move on without knowing it and fall madly in love?” DID SHE DO THAT WITH KLAUS WITHOUT REALIZING IT? I think she did. But then Tyler? He’s back. And she seems pretty thrilled to see him. So it’s hard to tell. Does she love him or does she love Klaus? It both? Like Elena loved (loves?) both Damon and Stefan.

Second to last thing: I am very intrigued by Silas. Why didn’t we get to see his whole face and why was Bonnie so shocked? I guess we get to find out next episode!

I’ll end this on a happy note: Who else LOVED Matt’s hair in the picture going up to prom? It was GREAT. They looked so young and adorable. I wish everything could be happy and go back to how it was then.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Episodes 1&2- Down the Rabbit Hole & Trust Me



For the first two episodes, I just want to catch up, so I am going to review both episodes in one post. I feel like the first episode, while vital to the show, really didn’t have a lot go on. I mean, I definitely recommend that everyone who is going to watch the show should also watch the first episode, but it was a little boring. There was a lot of background information: Alice has been going to Wonderland since she was a little girl, but no one in “real life” believes that Wonderland exists. She is gone for extended amounts of time, but her Father and all of the other adults assume she has just been running away to the city. When she is a young adult, she is eventually put into an asylum, because Alice continues to insist that Wonderland is real, and while there, she has gone on many crazy adventures and fallen in love with a genie named Cyrus. Because Alice claimed she wasn’t just trying to get attention, she is sent to the aforementioned asylum, where they try to break her, until the Knave, who is a scoundrel type character (think Han Solo or Captain Jack Harkness) who is basically a bad boy good guy (if that makes sense) rescues her and brings her back to Wonderland. See, the reason she went back to the “real world” in the first place is because she believed her love, Cyrus, to be dead. The Queen of Hearts pushed him into the boiling sea (literally, a sea with boiling water), and so Alice lost hope and left Wonderland. But when Knave rescued her (after previously hanging out in Storybrooke for a while [cross reference!]) he told Alice that her genie was still alive, and she fought her way out of the asylum like a boss. Other things that happened in the first episode: the Queen and Jafar are in alliance to get the genies bottle/magic lamp, since they already have Cyrus. The rabbit is sort of helping the Queen, because she keeps threatening him, the Cheshire Cat shows up, Alice offers Knave a wish to help her, they search for Cyrus… That’s basically all. Like I said, I would recommend watching the first episode. However, if you don’t have access, I covered the important parts, and I will be happy to answer any questions if you have any!
Now, the second episode: basically in this episode, Alice and Knave continue on their journey to find Cyrus. Jafar searches for the magic lamp, and Alice widely advertises the “location” of the lamp. It’s, of course, the wrong place. She wanted to mislead anyone else looking for the lamp. The lamp really isn’t all that important, but here is why everyone is looking for it: Alice will make her 3 wishes, because as soon as she does, the genie will return to his bottle. Jafar and the Queen of Hearts want if for the same reason, except they want to find Alice as well, so they can force her to make her wishes. Cyrus will return to his bottle, then the two evil plotters will have the wishes to themselves. Knave can’t swim, he screwed over and broke the heart of a fairy named Silver Mist, he once loved a woman named Anastasia, he and Alice ride a turtle because the “Ferry” was actually a “fairy” (Silver Mist), and she hated Knave. Cyrus taught Alice how to sword fight, they made out a little, then buried the bottle under a hedge shaped like a lion called dandelion. Cyrus is in jail, he plays chess with one of the tweedles… That’s basically all that happened!

New Review Style


So I want to start reviews for Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, because I’m behind on the regular one and this is the first season of this show and I want to review at least one show from the beginning, and hopefully as the episodes are coming out, rather than reviewing them much later as they come out on Netflix, like I’m doing with Vampire Diaries. Also, I am going to try a slightly different tactic with this show- I am going to watch the episode and THEN review it, rather than write my reactions as they are happening while I’m watching (my fiancé said I should try that because I mostly have been rambling in my previous posts. Honestly, I think it’s fine, but there isn’t any harm in trying.) So I will keep my format for The Vampire Diaries, try this new tactic for Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, see which I like better, and any other shows I go over in the future I will use whichever I prefer. Or if any of you want to respond and tell me which you like better, I would not object to that either!

Vampire Diaries: Season 4 Episode 18- American Gothic



Oh. Katherine’s back. Oh goodie. Because she’s definitely my favorite character. She has been this huge pain in the neck since the beginning of this show, and now she’s back. I’m gonna take a guess and say that the only person who’s happy about it is Elisha. Because now he’s so into Katherine? The love triangles and squares and going back and forth in this show is so exhausting and confusing and between seasons I forgot who’s with who. It’s funny to me that Elena and Rebecca just HAPPENED to stumble into the little town that Katherine is staying in. That worked out perfectly. Elena being dumb and trying to feed on her little break just led them right to Katherine. However, I am impressed in that Katherine had the idea to compel everyone to forget her unless she was directly talking to them. Of course it didn’t work because Elena is the doppelgänger and so everyone thought she was Katherine but it WAS a good idea in retrospect. Back to Elisha though- his accent really is great. I forgot in the long time we didn’t see him, but his accent is different than his siblings (each original has a different accent which is weird, because it seems like they would have at least a similar one). His just seems more refined and less snarky than the other originals, and it fits his character too. Their relationship is kind of odd to me. Elisha seems so much better than her. More of a good guy. Katherine’s hiding place was a good one (for the cure I mean). A treasure chest in a fish tank full of vervain water. Smart actually. No one can get it, and she can actually push people’s heads in it if they find her- which she did. And then Rebecca takes the “cure.” Did anyone else know that it was a fake? There is no way she would give it up that easy. Sure, she is all about self preservation, but in the long run, the cure is the most self preservative thing she could find. It will (maybe) insure that he will leave her alone forever. So OF COURSE Rebecca’s “cure” is not the actual one. And I feel so bad for her. I feel like she has the most noble reason to want the cure. She actually wants to be a human. Not to make deals with people or get back at anyone or threaten… So yeah. And then hey guys, remember that whole thing with Klaus and Caroline? Yeah, it’s still going on. Every episode lately has had a storyline with just the two of them. Never Klaus and Bonnie, never Klaus and Matt, always Klaus and Caroline. Is it just me, or does this have to imply that something more is going on between them than they think. Of course, she inadvertently saves him by arguing with him because he thinks he’s dying but actually isn’t because Silas (now looking like Caroline) compelled him to think he was dying? The music at the end kind of implies the maybe relationship between them too. I WANT THEM TOGETHER. I’m shipping them. Just like Damon and Elena. They are so much cuter together. Stefan is just too moody and broody. Elena needs the bit of bad boy. Sure she’s become a bad girl herself, but it’s different. And I hope she finds her good self again so Damon can once again be the yin to her yang… Or whatever.

Vampire Diaries: Season 4 Episode 17- Because the Night



To the big apple!
Why do so many episodes begin with normal people (usually a couple) and then a vampire pretends to be dead and then pops up and attacks them? SO MANY EPISODES. And can I say how much I love the music playing in that scene? It says “psycho killer.” How perfect is that? Damon is very… Old Damon-ey in this episode. “Maybe she’s eating a hot dog… Vendor.” 70s Damon was very aggressive Damon. I’m glad Lexie showed up. I really miss her… She’s one of my favorite vampires. Keeping Stefan under control, keeping Damon under control… She’s a cool girl. And WHY DIDN’T WE LEARN THAT DAMON AND LEXIE HAD A THING BEFORE?? WHY ARE WE JUST KNOW LEARNING ABOUT IT?? Even if it was just a ruse, I’m surprised it never came up when Lexie was still alive. And Elena is very pretty and stylish this episode. I believe the New York vibe rubbed off on her. It’s a little creepy how everybody was all drinking one persons blood in the middle of the room and stuff… Something that bugs me about this show sometimes- all the vampires have awesome hearing, and sometimes can hear each other from far away, and yet other times they don’t notice someone is talking about them from across the room. Not sure why Rebecca felt the need to show up. To ruin everything like usual? Sure, I would love for her and Matt to get together, but only because I think Matt could change her for the better. Remember how cute Rebecca was in H2O? As Emma? She was a good little girl, Hailey was a good little girl as Cleo… Those Australian mermaid girls really turned mean when they became a different supernatural creature and moved to America. Caroline and Klaus’s relationship is still… Blossoming, for lack of better word. “You showed me,” says Klaus sarcastically to his one true love. Caroline of course retorts back rudely, still missing HER one true love, whom Klaus cast out viciously. (I’m still rooting for these two to be together, despite the fact that Klaus is a bad guy and Caroline is currently probably the goodest good guy- except Matt, who is unwaveringly perfect.) And Caroline actually admits that she cared about Klaus “when [she] thought he was worth it.” Can I get an “awwwww”? I mean seriously. Did you see Klaus’s face when Caroline called him a terrible person? I mean, yes, he IS a terrible person but that face made me want to cry. He looked legitimately heart broken. And for once he didn’t have a snarky comeback. All he could say was “we’re here.” Guys- Klaus really likes Caroline and care about what she things. Of course, when he finally gets the chance to do something nice for her and be with her, what does he do? Comfort her after killing 12 people? No, turns her away. Because THAT makes sense. And then bombshell is dropped! “Silas is in Mystic Falls” guys. (Of course if you watched the last episode, you would know that Shane was back home with Bonnie, and yet also dead on the island… Hm, I wonder if Shane could possibly be Silas.) And Bonnie actually KNOWS? She decides to keep Silas’s identity a secret from all her friends, and continues to hang out with him, despite him being the most dangerous, immortal person (creature?) ever. BECAUSE SHE WANTS JEREMY. Which we all knew was the case even though they broke up and pretended not to like each other blah blah blah. Kill 12 more people and allow every supernatural being that ever died ever to come back to life just to get Jeremy back? No biggie. That CAN’T turn out badly. And this time witches?!?! Because nothing would convince Bonnie more than killing some of her own people. Even if she can “bring them back.” The whole “cleansing” this is pretty sketchy in and of itself. Of course they don’t know Bonnie has her own schedule… Then fricking Caroline decides it’s a good idea to kill the witch about to kill Bonnie which kills all 12 witches who are linked and complete the triangle and what’s gonna happen next? Everyone dies and bad things happen?
Run run run run run run away! Bad things are going down in Mystic Falls.






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Vampire Diaries: Season 4 Episode 16- Bring it On



Elena. Stahp. What are you doing. Elena. Get out of the middle of the road. Someone is going to run you over…. Or you’re going to eat them…? And of course Damon is the sensible one when Elena decides to be crazy vampire girl with no feelings. Sure, he wants her to have fun, but not quite ALL the fun she wants to have. Which I’m going to say is a good thing. For the longest time, Elena was the only one who actually cared about anyone. And now she’s being a bad guy. I love that Elena decided to just walk into the middle of the room full of people naked. She wanted to shock them and show then she’s changed. Well, she succeeded. And then deciding to join the cheer squad again? Yup, definitely changed. Or reverted back to her old self a bit? Probably not considering she keeps feeding regardless of the fact that Damon told her not to. I’m so pissed Elena dropped Caroline in the competition though… Caroline is only trying to help Elena! And then… a party. She invites a ton of people she probably doesn’t know or care about to the Salvador’s house to a random party without even seeing if it was cool with Stefan or Damon. But there is so much random stuff going on: Katherine is back, Damon is looking for her,the blood supply disappeared from the hospital and the 6 blood banks, and Stefan is trying to figure out who took it. I’m confused as to how Damon knew the vampire on Katherine’s side who was trying to kill Hailey and bit by Klaus. I’m so angry that stupid Hailey keeps switching sides. First with Shane, then Katherine… I liked that girl so much on H2O but she is a terrible person who only cares about herself in this show. Self centered and mean and tends to betray people. And then she and Klaus? Well, I guess Hailey never really had a chance with Tyler and Klaus never had a chance with Caroline so… I suppose they deserve each other. And Klaus knows who’s Hailey’s family? She could have gone to him first and a lot of the drama around her could have been avoided. And of course at the end Tyler left Matt his house and sent a letter to Caroline telling her he wasn’t going to come back. As if they need any more drama. But the main question I have: why in the WORLD did Damon decide it would be a good idea to let Elena keep her emotions off and take her to New York. Just when I thought they were all on the same page of trying to get her to become a nice little human again.