SPOILERS. Be warned! This contains spoilers!!

Well… It was definitely a very unique production. Honestly, I heard that if you didn’t really appreciate the intrigue of the trailer, then you wouldn’t really appreciate the movie. And I think I probably should have listened. The main reason I went was because it was in IMAX and I really like IMAX and my fiancés family was going and we were going to get frozen yogurt afterwards. Because I didn’t really enjoy the movie! I give it a 6/10. Now I know I’m going to get some “what!?!? How?!?! How can you possibly give it a 6/10?!?! It was the best movie blah blah…” And okay! That’s fine! I already got that from my fellow movie goers. It is now my honey’s favorite movie, and my future father-in-law gave it an 11/10. Which shouldn’t be allowed if you ask me. However, I will say that it had excellent cinematography. And as Andrew, my fiancé, pointed out, they paid very close attention to details, especially the physics of being in outer space. So I will admit that the filmography and special effects were pretty cool. I just didn’t really like the movie. There was waaaayyy too much stress for me. I can see why most people would give it a 10/10, but it just isn’t the type of movie that I enjoy. It seemed like every minute there was a new problem: Sandra and George (Ryan and Matthew) got blasted away from their ship; they almost ran out of oxygen; their ship was destroyed when they made it back; rocket fuel ran out in the jetpack; radios didn’t work; it was nearly impossible to grab onto ships; impacts were hard; Sandra couldn’t hold George at the International Space Station because she was barely attached and holding him would just make both of them drift; there was a fire; more debris hitting ships; fuel was out on an escape pod; the Chinese space station was getting destroyed; Sandra almost gave up and froze to death; everyone else died; and then at the very end, the sole survivor almost died ONCE SHE WAS ON EARTH AGAIN. She almost drowned, after getting through everything. And I was constantly clutching my seat, just knowing that this was when she was going to die. There was no doubt in my mind. And then she didn’t. And then the next situation arose and I was sure she was going to die again. So while yes, it is very cool that there were basically only two actors in the whole movie (apart from some voice acting), and it was very visually stimulating, it was just not for me.


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